Our mission is to inspire people to discover their divine potential by changing the way they see their story.

Stiry produces raw and authentic short films and documentaries about regular people doing extraordinary things.

The Stiry process guides people to identify perspective moments, write their own unique script, and consciously produce the story they were meant to live.

We awaken the perspective the world needs to live in harmony.

Stiry stands for ‘stories that stir’.

At Stiry we seek and create stories that stir – stories that heal, evoke compassion and encourage our viewers to act.

Our films are beautiful and entertaining, but their sole purpose is to uncover the raw and real moments in a life that drive one to become great. They are meant to be emotional, deep, and soul-shaking because it’s when your heart is stirred that you can slowly uncover your divine potential …one perspective moment at a time.

Meet Stiry Studios

The storytellers in our films have gone through the process of finding their own story and are changing the world in their own unique way.

We feature these Stiry stories on our platform and partner networks across the globe.

Access to the Stiry Process

We found through the process of producing hundreds of stories across the globe that there is a secret sauce to finding one’s story and letting it move you.

We created the Stiry process for you the hopeful observer, perspective seeker, and relentless visionary. We wanted to give you access to this unique way to define and live out your best story.

Our Story

After losing his job in healthcare in 2015 and spending four months unemployed, our founder Dan Davis went back to his roots in film. He had worked in commercial film for years, but knew there was more to film than beautiful cinematography. He knew that film could be the most powerful way to help people discover their story and all that was missing was a platform to help people do this.

As a result of this discovery, he took out as many credit cards as he could (literally until no one would give him any more) and funded film after film of regular people doing extraordinary things. Each story captured was proof that discovering one’s story was just a matter of uncovering perspective moments in life and stringing them together to create a narrative that naturally gives purpose and meaning.

Our Non- Negotiable Guiding Principles



We only surround ourselves with people that are good to the core and are regularly doing good in the world. We also make every decision based on whether or not it supports our tagline #sharethegood. If it doesn’t, we go back to the drawing board.


We are all brothers and sisters and in this fight together. We always lead with love regardless of background, culture, or differing knowledge and experience. Love is how we achieve harmony in our mission.


We don’t have all the answers, but we trust our gut first. We take risks based on inspiration. We believe there is a higher power that guides us and he is our best partner.

Continuous Improvement 

We seek to improve our lives every single day through regular perspective moments. If we are going to ask people to uncover their own perspective moments and do something about it, we are going to do the same.


Our mission is simple and the formula should be too. Anytime we make a decision, we ask ourselves, “Will this help someone discover their divine potential?” If it does, it’s worth uncovering. If it doesn’t, we move on.

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