Growing with My Dad

Growing With My Dad

Author: Dan Davis, Founder (


The Father’s Day Video we released this year has special meaning to me. It reflects my relationship with my dad so perfectly. There was hidden meaning for me as I developed the script and shot list with my team over the past few weeks. I wanted it to portray the relationship most of us have with our dads.  I wanted to portray the relationship I have with my dad. And in the process, I felt just like I did when I was kid. Throwing that ball across the lawn, hitting the ball with my first bat, and watching my dad cheer for me over and over…and over again.


My first memories of my dad literally involve throwing a baseball across the lawn into his glove. He would hold the glove ever so still and say, “see if you can throw it right in here without me moving my glove.” I wanted nothing more than to make my dad proud. Though I didn’t hit that spot in his glove every time (he had to chase the ball countless times), he always made me feel like I would get it on the next go around. In a way this confirmed how I knew he felt about my future. He always made me feel that I mattered. That I was meant for something so much more. He knew what I was capable of before I knew what I was capable of. Even though he was (and still is) an incredible example of a man, he always pushed me to be more than him. The funny thing is, I would be ok with just being him. That was enough for me. But he wanted more.


My dad has always been a man of character. He always seemed to have all the answers. He always seemed to be making the right decision. He never seemed to make a mistake. I have always looked up to him. Hence the reason I wanted to be him.


What I have learned looking back is a new perspective of my dad. Surprisingly to me, he did make mistakes. He wasn’t perfect. He had things he needed to work on just like I did. That’s what made our relationship so special. We both had a vision of where we wanted to go and we worked together to get there. We made mistakes along the way and we both worked on our imperfections. Though imperfect, we both tried to be right for each other and for the people in our lives we wanted to be happy. Some of those people have stayed the same and some of those people over the years have changed. Now that I have my own family, I catch myself looking back at how my dad treated my mom and how he treated his kids (specifically me). And when I look back all I see is respect, understanding, patience (except when we disrespected our mother), and never ending and unconditional love. He never let me feel like I was a disappointment. That’s how I knew I could do great things. Now I am trying to pass those feelings on to my wife and my three children. If I didn’t have that kind of example growing up, I wouldn’t be able to offer that same unconditional love. I don’t think I would understand that kind of love at this point in my life if it wasn’t for him.


This Father’s Day I am grateful for my hero, my dad. Grateful for all the baseball and basketball games he would attend (which he rarely missed). All the times he gave me an extra $5 for lunch (without my mom knowing). The times he told me I would make the team eventually if I just kept practicing. The times he made my friends laugh (even though I thought his jokes weren’t funny). All the times he spent with me working in the yard. All the fishing trips. All the college football games with him and my grandpa. The times he sat at the edge of my bed and told me everything would work out just fine.


All of these events in my life have one thing in common: my dad did whatever he could to just spend time with me. Isn’t that the most important thing a dad can do?


I hope you enjoy our Father’s Day Video and you have a chance to share it with your dad. Tell him how much he means to you this Father’s Day.