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Introducing a BOLD process to help you See Your Story Differently, and Let It Move You. Uncover the simple equation to discover your story. SPECIAL OFFER (REGULARLY $197). Printed Workbook + 13 bonus videos that guide you through this process step-by-step. Ships within 2-10 days.


Get ready to uncover your story and produce the new you through our unique framework. We've used this framework to help thousands of people discover their story and make that leap into whatever life has in store for you. As a result you'll take that trip! Quit your job! Become a better mother, father, coworker, spouse, leader and more! All you need is your story.


This 75-page "This is My Story" workbook will empower you to own your story and boldly live up to your potential. It's time to give the world the best version of you.

How Does It Work?


3-Step Stiry Framework is the most complete story discovery process on the market today.  Powerful questions, activities, and finding your perspective moments will help you find meaning of your past, recognizing the power of the present, and tapping into who you can become in the future.  


1. Uncover Your Story: Identify the perspective moments that make your story.


2. Write Your ScriptFind the meaning in your perspective moments. Discover the essence of who you are and recognize your infinite potential. Intentionally shape your story.


3. Produce Your StoryConnect your perspective moments to create your Stiry (story that ‘stirs’ or moves you). Consciously live your best Stiry that fully aligns with your potential.


What makes this process so impactful?


This book will CHANGE how you See Your Story: Imagine if YOUR story was MORE than a list of chronological events. All memories (good and bad) giving you the gift of freedom, peace, and certainty in your future.


Repeatable Experience: Once you find the power in this framework, you want to do this process over and over again. This book changes every time you use it. 

Action: This book will give you the perspective that instantly shifts you into a place of action.


You Are Meant for Big Things… Your Story Will Guide You There.

"This Is My Story" | Story Discovery Program (Print Version-U.S. Only)

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