This is My Story

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You Were Meant for BIG Things, Knowing Your Story Will Get You There!


Our 70-page “This is My Story” workbook will empower you to:

Own your story and boldy live up to your potential.

How Does it Work?

3-Step Stiry Framework™ is the most complete story discovery process on the market today.  Powerful questions, activities, and finding your perspective moments will help you find meaning of your past, recognizing the power of the present, and tapping into who you can become in the future.

  • Uncover Your Story: Identify the perspective moments that make your story.
  • Write Your ScriptFind the meaning in your perspective moments. Discover the essence of who you are and recognize your infinite potential. Intentionally shape your story.
  • Produce Your StoryConnect your perspective moments to create your Stiry (story that ‘stirs’ or moves you). Consciously live your best Stiry that fully aligns with your potential.