Kims Stories Submissions

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So many of you were deeply and personally impacted by our friend Kim White (@kimcankickit).

As we prepare her documentary, there is something you can do that will help us tremendously!

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  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Drop files here or
    *Permission to use this content

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Are you going to feature my story?

We carefully review every submission before deciding the best way to showcase your story. We will let you know if and where we will feature your story.

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Dose every story get featured?

Not every story will be featured due to the large volume of story submissions we receive every day. We try very hard to feature as many stories as we can.

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What’s the process?

Once you fill out the form and upload your content, your part of the process has been completed. Thank you! From there, our Stiry team will thoughtfully decide the best way to showcase your story.

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Will you notify me if you are going to feature my story?

Yes! We will contact you with the contact information you submitted, and let you know if we are going to use anything from your story you have shared.

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What are these stories used for?

Our mission at Stiry is to “Share the Good.” Your story will be used to inspire other people to reach their potential. Thank you for being part of our movement.

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Will I receive credit in the documentary if my photo/video was used?

Yes! We will use the information you supplied us with to credit your footage at the end of the documentary.

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