You Were Meant for BIG Things, Knowing Your Story Will Get You There!

Introducing a BOLD process to help you See Your Story Differently, and Let It Move You

Get Ready to Uncover Your Story and Produce the new You this Summer!

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Our 70-page “This is My Story” workbook will empower you to:

Own your story and boldy live up to your potential.

How Does it Work?

3-Step Stiry Framework™ is the most complete story discovery process on the market today.  Powerful questions, activities, and finding your perspective moments will help you find meaning of your past, recognizing the power of the present, and tapping into who you can become in the future.  

  • Uncover Your StoryIdentify the perspective moments that make your story.
  • Write Your ScriptFind the meaning in your perspective moments. Discover the essence of who you are and recognize your infinite potential. Intentionally shape your story.
  • Produce Your StoryConnect your perspective moments to create your Stiry (story that ‘stirs’ or moves you). Consciously live your best Stiry that fully aligns with your potential.

What makes this process so impactful?

This book will CHANGE how you See Your Story: Imagine if YOUR story was MORE than a list of chronological events. All memories (good and bad) giving you the gift of freedom, peace, and certainty in your future.

Repeatable Experience: Once you find the power in this framework, you want to do this process over and over again. This book changes every time you use it.

Perspective that instantly shifts you into a place of action.

Who is this for? This is for you if you are READY to step into your potential.

  • The 3-Step Stiry Framework™ is for you when YOU KNOW there is more to life, and you are searching for ways to find that meaning from your past. You are ready to do the work, to make sense of it all. 
  • This is for you if you feel stuck in your career, in your parenting, in your relationships, or wondering how you can have more impact the world.  
  • This is for you if you are frustrated with how the world is, and you KNOW you are meant for something BIGGER. 

Get Ready to Experience and Gain Meaning from Your Past and Future Story.

Whether you already know what that looks like and are looking for courage to do “that thing” or you know things can’t stay the same and are ready to find something that excites you… this process will get you there.

The Stiry Framework™ will also help simplify the process to share your story.

Now, more than any other time, the WORLD needs you to find and share your story. 

Through the Stiry process of story discovery and message delivery you will finally share your story in a way that can be heard, validated, and start watching your story change the lives of others. We created a framework to piece together specific moments of your story that will be the most impactful for others.

You’ll learn how to use your perspective moments to connect and communicate with others. 

Decide today to join other truth seekers and relentless visionaries as we shatter old story patterns and breakthrough to the other side… the sweeter side of life where ANYTHING is possible and ANY dream or goal is attainable.

What do we know about Story?

4 Years and 175 Stories later…

Dan Davis – Founder of Stiry

Director / Storyteller

We’ve produced over 175 short films and documentaries over the course of just four short years. The storytellers in our films have gone through the Stiry process of finding their own story and are changing the world in their own unique way.

As we took each storyteller through the Stiry process we realized we could build a unique framework for all to uncover their own story and live to their potential. We created this inspiring experience for you the hopeful observer, perspective seeker, and relentless visionary.

Dig deep and you will awaken the perspective you need to change the world in your own unique way too!

Stiry Founder, Dan Davis

Amazing People Whose Lives Were Transformed Through the Stiry Process: 

You Are Meant for Big Things… Your Story Will Guide You There.

(70 Page Workbook )

By the end of the book you will have uncovered your story, written your own unique script, and be ready to produce the next best version of yourself. 

Here’s What  You’re Getting Today;

  • 70 PAGE E-BOOK ($97 value):  The 3-step process to help you discover your story and live up to your potential.  Delivered immediately to your inbox. 
  • LIFETIME ACCESS YOUR STORY SCRIPT TOOL  ($100.00 value): This online tool will take your story and put it into one printable keepsake for you and your family to cherish forever.
  • Achievement Certificate:  (PRICELESS) Completing this process will be one of your greatest accomplishments and we want to honor you for that.

This entire system is normally $197.00 (and worth every penny). 

*BONUS ACCESS* TO 13 SHORT FILMS TO INSPIRE YOU: (PRICELESS): Be INSPIRED by others who have gone through this process. Never feel overwhelmed or alone as you uncover your story. 

Your special price is a one-time payment of only $27!

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

See What Other Have Said About Their STIRY EXPERIENCE

After overcoming three suicide attempts, I thought my story was complete and that I had everything figured out. I felt comfortable where I was mentally and emotionally. But going through the Stiry process, it was clear that I had only scratched the surface.

The process made me think about things I hadn’t addressed and visit places of past trauma. And the process felt very comfortable. It naturally made me more in tune with my past and helped me uncover the infinite potential of my future. The most significant perspective moment I had was when I realized how important it would be for me to speak up and actually share my story to help others.


When I started the process with Stiry I thought my story was about overcoming perceived failures in my life. But through the Stiry process I actually discovered that my story was a collection of life experiences that were NECESSARY to help me grow as an individual. These experiences were not actually a bad thing like I had thought. They were a collection of powerful perspective moments.

My greatest perspective moment from the Stiry experience was that I realized how important it was to spend the time to self reflect and improve my way of thinking. The only way I would have figured this out was to discover my story through Stiry.


Working with Stiry allowed me in a way to freeze time in order to make room for a much needed dose of self-reflection, moments of clarity and discovery. What I learned about myself was that no matter what life brings I can rise and doors will be opened.


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