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Meet The Team

Why We Are Passionate About Chronic Illness


Dan Davis

Founder & CEO

Dan Davis is the founder and CEO of Stiry (stands for stories that ‘stir’). He’s helped thousands find and free their story and begin their healing journey. 

For the past 25 years, Dan has dealt with chronic illnesses that have affected his every day life, including a combination of multiple vascular compression syndromes that limit blood flow to his entire body, a connective tissue disorder, and autonomic nervous system related syndrome.

Most days these debilitating syndromes have caused him to wake feeling like he has the flu, severely limiting his ability to sit and stand, and eventually led to multiple life preserving surgeries.


Despite the extreme measures and his daily efforts to heal, there is still no official cure for these syndromes. Through this very same Unbreakable process you will go through, he found a system to allow himself and others to wake up with purpose DESPITE the daily physical battle.

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Briana Johnson

Community Director

Briana is a single mother of her 5 Live Crew, ages 8-21, and is no stranger to wondering if she is enough nor to extended and repeated hardship. She has experienced divorce, family death, and a unique lens of chronic illness after being married for 20 years to a spouse battling Multiple Sclerosis. Through all of this she has dedicated years of study to emotional regulation, conscious relationships, healing through wintering, spiritual alignment, and self love and feminine embodiment.

Professionally Briana has created safe spaces for thousands of people that spark perspective moments which shift the way they see their stories and the world around them through podcasting, documentary interviewing, coaching, and event facilitation. She believes that compassionate honest self-reflection and true healing happens in safe containers. In her own oasis at home she is surrounded by lights, plants, books, music, Minky blankets, and hand drawn pictures & cards from her kids. Her passion for people, laughing, and life is contagious.

"My commitment to this Unbreakable community stems from my belief in the extraordinary and divine nature of each soul and your own power to create a life of abundance and elation as you trust yourself and align with your Higher Power."


Lisa Lyon

Community Manager

Lisa has faced the challenges of living with stage 4 cancer since 2016, navigating the journey with resilience and a determination to find joy and thrive despite the odds. The driving force of her fulfilling life is motivated by creating lasting memories with her husband and 3 kids. Lisa also values authentic, real conversations that allow her to learn from the experiences of others. It's through these connections that she discovered the strength to face life's challenges with courage.


Nature is Lisa’s sanctuary, whether it's going for walks, reading a book under a tree, swimming in the lake with her family, or nurturing a garden, she makes it a daily ritual to connect with the beauty and peace of the outdoors. If you invite Lisa on a trip or simply need someone to sit with you during a tough day, her answer will always be yes.


Lisa believes in the power of human connection and supporting one another through their journey. After 3 years of being a Producer and Office Manager at Stiry, Lisa has learned that experiences are meant to be shared and she is dedicated to being a source of positivity and strength for those around her.

Lisa’s deep understanding of what it feels like to be diagnosed with an incurable disease has fueled her passion for Unbreakable. She aims to inspire others facing similar challenges and support this community. “I believe that no matter what challenges life may bring, together we can find joy, build connections, and thrive.”

Kyle Barth

Experience Specialist

As a relationship entrepreneur, I've dedicated the past decade to helping people re-write the script of their stories which connected me with the Chronically Unbreakable team over three years ago.

I've had many titles in my journey though if there is one title I want to be known by it's "dad". I'm the lucky father to two beautiful daughters who both have chronic diseases, which thankfully usually don't inhibit their daily functioning.  Personal and professional experiences have shaped my core value of cultivating safe and authentic connections with others.


Derek Kopp

Experience Specialist

Throughout a long career in marketing and as a life coach, Derek has found that few things are more powerful than the stories we tell ourselves. Even more than our circumstances and experiences, those stories can lift us to incredible achievement or trap us in fear and self-doubt.

After years of work to rewrite his own story, Derek now finds joy in helping people unleash their limitless capacity through clear purpose and courageous action. He is honored to be part of the Chronically Unbreakable team and this powerful community.

Daniel Hess

Content Director

Daniel has spent the past 8 years creating emotional, story-based content that focuses on real people going through life, the good and the bad. A cancer survivor himself, and married to an amazing woman who deals with chronic migraines and other symptoms daily, Daniel understands how challenging it can be to get out of bed each morning and choose to fight.


"My hope is that I can create content that will be meaningful and helpful to you, the chronic illness warrior."


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